There was a huge change in our life last year. From 2013 on a new association
is responsible for the research works in Eastern European countries.
So please choose according to your regional focus.

Country Reports
Euroconstruct region
19 Western and Central
European countries (incl Hungary)

Forecast Reports
EECFA region
8 Eastern
European countries

25 Jun

EECFA 2019 Summer Construction Forecast

On 24 June 2019, the 2019 Summer EECFA Construction Forecast Report up to 2021 was published. READ THE PRESS RELEASE HERE

26 Apr

The past, present and future of Port Koper

The largest Slovenian civil engineering project in recent history, the construction of the second railway connecting Port Koper with the core international railway network in Slovenia, officially started in March 2019. Still, many questions remain to its successful completion. READ MORE

18 Apr

Serbian office trailing on beaten path

Office has been struggling to sustain steady growth as its output performance surprisingly meandered in the previous period. Finally, investments are picking up, but will it be enough to improve market conditions? Full article here

8 Mar

Építésaktivitás vizualizálva: Magyarország

A Buildecon EBI Építésaktivitási Jelentésről szóló cikke itt olvasható

25 Feb

Mixed Feelings on the Romanian residential market

Revisiting the Romanian residential construction market