There was a huge change in our life last year. From 2013 on a new association
is responsible for the research works in Eastern European countries.
So please choose according to your regional focus.

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11 Sep

Housing market in Russia

This article, written by Andrey Vakulenko, MACON Realty Group, EECFA Russia, is showing another angle of predicting housing market developments in Russia: Demand potential shaping future market dynamics.

22 Aug

Dealing with construction permits in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania

Buildecon coordinated the Subnational Doing Business project of The World Bank on two indicators (dealing with construction permits and getting electricity) in the private sector in Hungary in 2016. This article is looking at the key findings on the dealing with construction permits indicator in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania.

28 Jul

Game of Towers

Written by Yasen Georgiev and Dragomir Belchev, EPI, EECFA Bulgaria, this article is about New Dynamics in Office Construction in Sofia.

22 Jun

EECFA 2017 Summer Construction Forecast and Revision

EECFA has released its summer construction forecast on 16 June 2017 on Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine. This blogpost intends to summarize the most important projections for these construction markets for the years 2017-2019. 

2 May

Agrokor aggravation

Do the Agrokor Group's tribulations threaten the Croatian construction sector? This article, written by Michael Glazer, SEE Regional Advisors and Tatjana Halapija, Nada Projekt, EECFA Croatia, is answering this question.