There was a huge change in our life last year. From 2013 on a new association
is responsible for the research works in Eastern European countries.
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21 Jun

EECFA 2018 Summer Construction Forecast

EECFA has released its 2018 Summer Construction Forecast Reports up to 2020. The main findings of the reports are summarized in this blogpost

24 May

Housing market prospects in Ukraine

The most likely scenario for the housing market in Ukraine in the current situation of overheating is a gradual deceleration. A sudden market collapse is unlikely. The full article is available here by Sergii Zapototskyi (EECFA Ukraine)

25 Apr

Ljubljana among cities with the fastest growing real estate prices

Ljubljana has strongly rebounded from the recession. Since the bottom of the recession in 2015 till 2017, the average real estate price has increased by 15%. However, the price growth accelerated in 2018, making Ljubljana one of the hottest real estate markets in the world. Read the full article written by dr. Ales Pustovrh (EECFA Slovenia).

5 Mar

Updated Permit and Completion Data 2017

We have updated our interactive permit & completion charts for residential and non-residential buildings

14 Feb

The stability of the Romanian residential construction market

Housing market in Romania is seeing a rapid expansion, which rings the bell to some experts: there is a growing concern that the 2008 turmoil might repeat itself. This article written by Dr. Sebastian Sipos-Gug (EECFA Romania) is looking at the probabilities of this to happen.